Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Do you like cigars, meeting new people, being on the move, managing your own schedule? Working with great people, and having fun!!

If you do, get in touch with me.  I need folks like you to sell my top rated Premium Cigar line(s) in many US markets. Build a territory and even your own sales team! The territory you develop will be yours. I pay the highest commissions in the industry. Prior sales experience is required.

You'll be visiting cigar retailers and other outlets. We have been in business for 10 years and have many existing accounts already. Those accounts will become yours (within your territory), as well as all the new accounts you open.  These are quality cigars hand made using quality long filler. Ratings of: 90, 91, 92, 93, and even a 95. 

If you are selected, we will supply you with: cigar samples, product manual, sales materials, brochures, order forms, leads, and the coveted company SWAG. You can call, text, email, or upload your orders into our web interface. You will not be required to buy anything or stock anything.  Simply send us the order, we fulfill the cigars direct to the account, and send you your commission check.  It’s that easy!

Let us know if you currently have cigar customers.  What is your sales experience?  What is your cigar experience? We're looking for people who are interested in developing
something which will benefit themselves and the parent company. Tell us what
state you are in when you reply. HERE

The territories are as follows, at present:

Northeast Region -

Middle Atlantic Region -

East North Central Region -

West North Central Region -

South Atlantic Region -

South Central Region -

Mountain Region -

Pacific Region -

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The new PANACEA Flying Badge San Andres is here. The size is a 6.5x54 Hitch Pin (the rest of the cigar world calls it a Toro Grande).  A very nice size. Not too large, or too time consuming, but large enough where you will get to relax a bit and really enjoy the smoke.  There are the usual hints of molasses and dark chocolate, but also bit of nutmeg.  This San Andres wrapper is very earthy and offers an "old fashioned" cigar experience.  The cigar's profile is similar to our black label Maduro, but does not have the spicy/peppery notes you experience (on and off) with that blend.  The construction is what you have come to expect from Flatbed Cigar Co.  It is a firm, smooth rolled, cigar with a perfect draw.  Speaking of that.  I was asked the other day why I always use a pocket knife to "cut" my cigar rather than a cutter, punch etc.  I use a knife because it is so much easier to control the size of the opening or "cut".  To be sure, the knife needs to be very sharp...as does a cutter or punch.  In my experience, it doesn't take long for a traditional cutter, be it two blades or one, to become dull.  Same with a punch and both are very difficult to sharpen.  A pocket knife is simple to keep razor sharp. I use the sharpening stone that is in my kitchen knife block. When ready to cut your cigar you simply hold the edge of the blade where you want to make the cut, and rotate the cigar slowly.  You can make as big or as small an opening as you like.  You can even notch in a V cut if that is your preference. The other nice thing about a pocket knife...is there are so many additional uses for it. I carry a two blade, 2 5/8" folding knife.  It has a 2" clip, and a 1 3/8" coping blade. It's very light too, weighing less than an ounce.  Reserve one blade for only cutting your cigar (I use the clip blade), and the 2nd for all other uses. Remember to keep it sharp.  If you do, you'll love the precision at which you can make a cut and no more torn caps and unraveling cigars!

Herf on!!


Friday, April 17, 2015

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Hello Flatbeders.  As you can see, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here.  However, it is time!  Summer is just around the corner and the cigar season has begun.  I've got a bunch of new cigars to introduce.  The Pennsyltucky is our latest....and our strongest cigar to date.  The P'Tucky is wrapped in PA41and filled with Kentucky Fire Cured, Nic ligero, and Dom ligero.  You'll love it.  I've also started a second brand, a "playground" of sorts, trying some cool blends, sizes, shapes, etc.  The first is our Track 7 box press.  A 5x60 BP maduro from Brazil.  Rated 5 stars (out of 5 :) by Cigar, Cigars.  An earthy, beautiful, full body cigar.  It very quickly became a Flatbed Cigar Co. hot seller. The second from Track 7 is a 6x60 Connecticut Sun Grown...filled with 2 Dom ligero, 1 Nic ligero, and some Kentucky Fire Cured. If you like large gauge cigars, you'll love my Farmers Blend.  This is a beautifully balanced cigar in a "larger" ring. If you like my Peacemaker, you will like the Farmers blend.  We have two additinal blends coming later this year.  Yes, we've been busy...maybe why the blogging is lagging :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well, I have not been keeping up with my posts, but thought I would sit and write a few lines.  We do have some fun stuff in the pipeline.  The first Track 7 cigar we did sold out almost over night.  Truth be told we only produced a couple thousand, as a test, but they flew out. (test was a success) So, we have more in the works and will have them here next month.  We are also rolling a 6x70 under the Track 7 label.  Not a ring gauge I'd smoke, but we have had many requests for a 70.  The reason for the Track 7 label is I wanted a "testbed" if you will.  PANACEA has a great following and folks know what to expect from that label/brand. However, I wanted to play around with some different shapes, blends, and sizes....that were outside the box for PANACEA.  So, Track 7 is going to be the unwieldy label while PANACEA will continue on it's own interesting path. PANACEA will see new blends, shapes, and sizes too....but within the PANACEA profile. 

Many folks have asked about the origin of the Track 7 name.  It actually came from my daughter and I noticing most of our favorite songs (on a CD) seem to land on the 7th Track. I know, I know....nobody listens to CDs anymore....but I do.  I have a ton of them, and have not yet digitized.  Anyway, we do many road trips here and there and both love music.  One day it hit us how often our favorite song was on Track 7.  The box you currently see on our website (for Track 7) has a picture of a RR track.  Next month you will see the original box.  I recently had a survey done and the original box was chosen over the RR track box.  So, you can see it next month when we are back in stock with the maduro Track 7 2:46.

PS.  Wait until you try the new Pennsylvania Broad leaf Double Ligero! Wow....you're gonna be in love.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well folks! I am going to get this blog thing going. Funny, I was in this industry not long ago, but seem to have let it all pass me by. I find myself, more and more, asking my 12 year old for help with phones (which is really a computer you can "use" as a phone), internet, tablets, computers. Crazy! I'm only 47, what has happened? Have I been in the fields too long? Anyway....I do know all this social networking is a good thing. But here is a question for example. I'm writing in this blog, right now, right here, this second. Where is it going? Who will read it? Who will forward it, print it, text it, pin it, post it, laugh at it, agree with it, disagree with it???? My hopes are...all will do much with it. Why? To help get the word out about our great cigars. But honestly...I'm not sure it will leave this page, like a piece of paper in a typewriter. I just don't understand all the WILD e-this and e-that! So, blind-fully, each week, or every few days I'll "blog" something and see if it helps:) I still visualize a folder filling up with my typed pages and only I know the file drawer. We'll see. Let me know if you read this...and where.  I'm sure as time goes by my blog presentation will get better.  Pictures, more links, etc.  Content too.  I guess it's all about the content. Apparently you can comment on the postings, so this will be a fun place to learn more about PANACEA, Flatbed Cigar Company, YOU, me, and everything about fine cigars.  So, as to not get too winded on day 1, I sign off. And, if your local cigar retailer does not carry my cigars....ask them too:) 



Green 660, PA "Wild Thing"

Green 660, PA "Wild Thing"

Each week I will be adding another PANACEA single until we have them all loaded.  What is great about cigar lounges, in addition to the atmosphere and camaraderie is that you can buy singles.  So, while I can not  duplicate the cigar shop experiences (and I recommend you visit your local shop), at least I can offer the singles...so you can try the different cigars. Enjoy!

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