Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well folks! I am going to get this blog thing going. Funny, I was in this industry not long ago, but seem to have let it all pass me by. I find myself, more and more, asking my 12 year old for help with phones (which is really a computer you can "use" as a phone), internet, tablets, computers. Crazy! I'm only 47, what has happened? Have I been in the fields too long? Anyway....I do know all this social networking is a good thing. But here is a question for example. I'm writing in this blog, right now, right here, this second. Where is it going? Who will read it? Who will forward it, print it, text it, pin it, post it, laugh at it, agree with it, disagree with it???? My hopes are...all will do much with it. Why? To help get the word out about our great cigars. But honestly...I'm not sure it will leave this page, like a piece of paper in a typewriter. I just don't understand all the WILD e-this and e-that! So, blind-fully, each week, or every few days I'll "blog" something and see if it helps:) I still visualize a folder filling up with my typed pages and only I know the file drawer. We'll see. Let me know if you read this...and where.  I'm sure as time goes by my blog presentation will get better.  Pictures, more links, etc.  Content too.  I guess it's all about the content. Apparently you can comment on the postings, so this will be a fun place to learn more about PANACEA, Flatbed Cigar Company, YOU, me, and everything about fine cigars.  So, as to not get too winded on day 1, I sign off. And, if your local cigar retailer does not carry my cigars....ask them too:) 



Green 660, PA "Wild Thing"

Green 660, PA "Wild Thing"

Each week I will be adding another PANACEA single until we have them all loaded.  What is great about cigar lounges, in addition to the atmosphere and camaraderie is that you can buy singles.  So, while I can not  duplicate the cigar shop experiences (and I recommend you visit your local shop), at least I can offer the singles...so you can try the different cigars. Enjoy!

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